About Us

About Us

By shopping on our website or joining us at an event, you not only support a local business, you also get the personal touch, mentorship and support only available in a small beekeeping business. We offer a variety of raw local honeys and products made with the honey and wax produced by our ladies.

Producing Local Raw Honey Since 2015

Made By A Bee is a small, family-owned beekeeping business in Groveland, FL, about 40 minutes west of Orlando. Alan and Ben started the journey of this company in February of 2015, which has been an amazing and exciting experience. Over the years, the number of hives has grown, as well as Alan and Ben’s commitment to the work. In reality, the bees represent their true passion; while honey is more of a byproduct of their work. Today, the two of them remain committed to sharing their love for bees with their community and the world.  We believe that we are partners with the bees with which we work, and not masters. We maintain the determination that by giving bees the respect they deserve we are able to offer the finest honey and products available, educate the community, and inspire all people to live happier and healthier lives. 

Our Promise to You

Made By A Bee is passionate about providing and educating individuals through an unforgettable experience, while indulging in nature’s sweetest gift of HONEY.


Helps with Allergies


Anti- Bacterial






Cough Suppressant


Soothes sore throat


+many more benefits!


Healthy Sweetener


Helps boost the immune system


Helps heal cuts and wounds


Helps with Sleeping


Boosts energy

Oh Honey!!!


Much more than just yummy! 

Raw Honey is one of the world’s most potent super foods.

Benefits of Raw Honey:

If you’re not taking full advantage of the nutritional and medicinal properties of honey, it’s time to start because honey is a remarkable healing agent for all sorts of ailments. People have been using honey for its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties since the ancient times.



Our Keepers


My introduction to bees started over 28 years ago, while on a homeschool field trip to an apiary. The beekeeper, Mr. JJ Griffin, was mesmerizing and I started working as an apprentice with him for two years, learning all aspects of beekeeping. My dream of having a beekeeping business, however, was put on hold.  Fast forward to 2015, my son (Ben) and I became actively involved with our local bee club and started our “Made By A Bee” journey with 5 nucs.  Since then we have been steadily growing our business and expanded our products beyond just honey. I enjoy all things bees, helping beekeepers solve or identify issues in their hives, teaching various classes, mentoring new beekeepers, and educating the young and old on the importance of bees.


As “Queen Bee” of our business, you will find me wearing many different hats. Whether that is helping move the bees to their new location, extracting honey, bottling honey, making products to sell or registering us at a venue, I enjoy jumping in and helping wherever I am needed. I am a Convention Coordinator by day and Make-It-Happen/Go-Getter by night (that is, as long as it happens before 9 PM). Over the past few years, it has been exciting to see the positive impact Made By A Bee is having within our community. We are growing, not only in our hive counts, but also in loyal customers. We are educating others on the importance of bees; all while working together as a family.


I began beekeeping just out of high school.  I started this adventure with my dad with a bit of hesitation. However, this quickly changed! I felt at home with the bees. I learned to trust them, and they learned to trust me. Every interaction with the bees has taught me we are not in control. We, the beekeepers, are only caretakers of these magnificent creatures.  After completing a 2-year Business degree I went into the air conditioning business.  However, on weekends and evenings, you will find me working the hives in the bee yard, extracting or bottling honey, working an event with my family or educating myself on how to be a better beekeeper. I enjoy learning more about the amazing honeybee and continuing to grow our business. 


When my dad and brother, (Alan and Ben), started the business in 2015, I was happy to help out anyway I could. Whether that was creating social media pages, extracting or bottling honey, marketing the business, or working shows. Working side by side with my family has been an amazing experience. I love watching this business blossom and grow! For the last five years, I have worked as a full time teacher in Orange County, FL.  Now that my husband and I are expecting our first child, I have decided to go a different route. I will be a full-time mom, while continuing to work with Made By A Bee. I love that I get to work with my family in an industry that we are so passionate about.

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